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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Summer Starting

Sumber, it seems to me, gets to start a number of times. For instance, the "summer movie season" usually starts in May when the first big-budget show hits. This year, that movie, at least for me, was Thor. Everything else follows from that.

Then there's the Memorial Day holiday. This was the big one for me during my time in Texas. "First Blast" started it all off right. Swimming, good food, usually a movie. Those days, have passed for me, though. So summer has to start a little differently.

The end of the regular TV season could also be used as a marker for the end of spring and the beginning of summer. I caught up on my last straggling episode or two a few days ago, and there's nothing left on network TV until Big Brother starts up in July. So there's that.

Which leaves one more marker: the end of the school year. I guess that's most defining for me in a day-to-day way. This is especially true because I teach seniors in the spring, which means that graduation-time is in almost every way final. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to speak to this year's graduating class at Baccalaureate. It was a good time, really; the class has been very kind to me, and I was honored to share the moment with them. This morning, as I had to proctor underclassman exams, I could feel their absence. It's an annual thing that takes some real getting used to. Even still, this is perhaps the surest sign of summer.

And so the school year winds down, lots of little lunches and last-minute administrative things to do' but that's okay. Perhaps summer is like the kingdom of God for a while, both now and not yet. I think I can handle that for a little while longer.

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Rebecca Ann
June 9, 2011   05:14 PM PDT

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