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Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Last Call for Hogwarts

Beginnings and ending are funny things: so often we find ourselves waking up in the middle. So itís no small thing, especially in our accelerated culture, when a major ďfranchiseĒ comes to a conclusion. I have often wondered what it wouldíve been like to read Tolkienís Lord of the Rings or Lewisís Narnia books as they were published. . . something about the not-knowing-whatís-next mustíve been very exciting. I almost got to have that feeling with the Enderís series by Orson Scott Card. Lucky for me, I became a fan of the Harry Potter series about halfway through the book series. I did not start the books until the first movie was readied for release, so I have to admit to being something of a late-coming, conditional fan. Iím glad that I entered the series when I did, though, because the halfway point of the series really had the weight that I needed in a fantasy series.

I read those last few novels in the series with great anticipation, often devouring over the course of a day or two. I bought two of the last three at midnight. I wouldíve bought a third at midnight except that I was (gratefully) at a friendís wedding out-of-state. Iíve seen many of the movies at midnight, even after swearing off of midnight movies for a time. So while Iíve never dressed in a robe or had an official wand, I canít help but be a fan. So Iím both excited about this Thursday at midnight, when Iíll meet up with three other friends and hundreds of other fans to watch the final Harry Potter movie.

In honor of the ten-year project, the folks at Warner Brothers have put together a nice compilation of moments from each of the films. They left out some of my favorites, but they also included some things I had forgotten.

Ten years is a long time, a time that stretches back to my time in Texas, which was special in so many ways. And, I have to admit, Harry Potter and friends have made my time here in Hawaii all the more special, too.

Posted at 07:48 am by AWTraughber

July 13, 2011   03:45 PM PDT
Hey! That was my wedding!

So excited to see the final movie that I can hardly stand it. We'll have to compare notes afterwards.

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