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Friday, July 15, 2011
Pottered Out

I've spent most of the day getting over last night/this morning's viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. This time around, I'm convinced that it's the wake and not the waiting that has gotten me off the keel. I've been in something of a stupor all day, mostly vegging in the apartment. Maybe I'm just not made for midnight movies anymore.

The movie, of course, was good. No final judgments until I see it a second time, which is my rule for any movie based on a book that I've read. There's something about sifting through your preconceptions that has to happen if you're going to see the made movie clearly. So one more time sometime soon for the movie.

The reaction, of course, has been most interesting. I know that you have to accept movies on their own merits, and let's face it, a series full of child actors is always a tricky proposition. It's also tricky when you have to cut major portions of a story out for any of a number of reasons (which happens in any and every adaptation, thanks Tom Bombadil). But the reviews have been staggeringly good, mainly, I think for sentimental reasons. And it's all left me a little more tired than normal really. Still, a few links if you're interested in seeing a few more things about Harry and friends. . .

  • Musician Andrew Peterson posted a short essay on the whole affair on his website, the Rabbit Room, and has since had it picked up by Christianity Today. He talks some about that tension that exists (and especially existed early on) between the series and Christian readers. You can check out that article here.

  • Christianity Today also posted an interesting article on why the Potter novels have been so popular and will have staying power. It's quite technical, really, and tries to put the series in the context of other great works or literature and cinema. A decent read that you can find here.

  • And finally, for something a little broader and more light-hearted from Newsarama, an article whose title explains it all: "10 Wizards Who Can Kick Harry Potter's Arse." Check it out here.
  • Posted at 08:35 pm by AWTraughber

    September 5, 2011   10:51 PM PDT
    You said:
    Maybe I'm just not made for midnight movies anymore.

    You MOCKED (yes, mocked!) me when I said the same thing—how long ago was it? Ah yes: the difference in our ages!

    I cannot WAIT 'til you get your first pair of bifocals! :)
    July 24, 2011   08:03 AM PDT
    Okay, here's a question: what did you think of Voldemort's death scene? I'm disappointed for this reason: Harry and Voldelmort battled it out without an audience and Voldemort disintegrated right in front of Harry's eyes. But no one else was there to attest to the death; and if no one else saw it, wouldn't that be fodder for some crazy conspiracy theories after he dies? Just sayin'. I loved everything up to the final battle with Voldemort. In fact, the movie captured something in Voldemort that I didn't think about as much in the books. With all of the action and excitement of the last few scenes in the book, I didn't think about the fact that V. might start to become unglued. His manic behavior at the end was so well-played.

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