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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
All I Want is You and Me, Too

U2 was on Letterman Monday night. Since it was quite a while after my bedtime, I did not catch the show. It did remind me, though, of a clip and a link that I wanted to post concerning the band. A few weeks ago, they played Nashville (for the first time in some time, really). At the end of the concert, as they were ready to play one of their best songs from the 90, "All I Want is You," they called a man onto the stage to play with them. The man was blind and had made a sign asking to play the song with the band for his wife (as he had played it for her on their wedding day). Here's a clip:

The clip from another angle was posted over at The Rabbit Room. The article itself was quite moving (as a fan of the band, I get a lot of what was said). And then the comments. . . the comments were amazing. How easy it is to forget that good music moves people. Hopefully, it moves them to be good people who do good things. Click the link here for a look at the long comments section plus an embedded song, "Walk On," from All That You Can't Leave Behind.

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