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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
And They Thought the Culture War was Tricky. . .

Two issues of faith are making headlines these days, topics that have been on a slow boil for some time. It’s funny how things work out on small and large scales simultaneously.

The first issue that’s been around thanks to the presidential race concerns the literality of Adam and Eve. This is a big issue for lots of people, especially young people who have grown up in an age where science trumps everything. Part of the news comes from the recent announcement from some scientists that there is no way possible for Adam and Eve to be the sole progenitors of a race that is so genetically diverse. Then there’s the whole literal versus figurative interpretation debate. Al Mohler, a prominent Southern Baptist leader, gets quoted on the issue here.

The other issue that’s sounding sirens these days in the media is the question of Mormonis’s status as a legitimate branch of Christianity. Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, went on record about the issue over at CNN.com. For someone labeled an “evangelical leader,” I don’t think his view is the same as most evangelicals. The comments on the article talked me into checking out mormon.org, which was an interesting excursion into a religious view that, even if they hold an orthodox view of Jesus, has a difficult time lining up with certain key tenets of historical Christianity. You can check out Mouw’s thoughts here.

One other thing of note has happened in the “world of faith” this week, this time a passing. Christian educator and thinker Arthur Holmes passed away on October 8. I first learned of Holmes during my time at Union (I believe he came and spoke at the school at the beginning of Dockery’s tenure. One simple sentence from him broadened the horizon of my worldview and reminded me that there are many dimensions to the Christian faith. The Christianity Today article concerning his passing can be found here (with some potent comments from those affected by his life and ministry, too).

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