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Monday, November 14, 2011
And the Academy Award Goes To. . .

I met my first Academy Award winner a few weeks ago. As part of a local film festival, the artistís most recent movie was shown with a question/answer time following. I was excited about both and made a point of getting my picture made with the guy afterwards.

As I waited for the bus to head back downtown afterwards, I found myself working over a sadly difficult decision: should I post the picture of the moment on Facebook? I have a love/hate relationship with the social network, usually reading it more than posting on it. I like the idea of it on some level, but the immediacy is a strange thing. As soon as I posted the picture, the moment would be both memorialized and gone, over as soon as it gets out. I wasnít quite ready for that. Nor was I ready for another potential and plausible reaction: no one caring. True, when I shared the moment with friends later, it wasnít the most exciting thing they had ever heard. Most of them were just surprised by how familiar the artist and I seemed. Still, it was a good moment for me.

Back in the day, Douglas Coupland spoke of contemporary society as an accelerated culture. If that was true almost twenty-years ago, itís beyond true now. How easy it is to treat the moments of our lives like fast food, not letting them marinate or percolate. Good moments, perhaps, should be taken out for a long walk, a nice stroll, before they are committed to public consumption.

The picture is now hanging in my iPhoto files, waiting to be resurrected at some point, for the right moment, once the time is right. Iíd like to think that Iíd get there someday soon, but not quite now, not quite yet.

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