Entry: Everything You Do Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Contemporary Christian music has been dying for some time. Earlier this year, one major Christian publication stated that CCM as we've known it would not last to the end of 2011. This may very well be true: many of the artists of the genres heyday have moved on to other things, and (let's face it) Christian radio has all but abandoned artists that don't stick to a particular format or style.

All of which makes me glad for Steven Curtis Chapman. Of all of the artists I have grown up with, he's the one that has aged well. Part of it is because of his life experience. Part of it is because he's a great songwriter. A big part of it, though, is that he is able to blend the ordinary and the divine in a way that is unique amongst his peers. Almost every song he produces straddles that line so very well. He's got a "new" album dropping in a few weeks, re:creation. From what I can tell, he's revisiting some old songs and adding some new twists. Plus, he's revisiting old ideas and putting a new spin on them. Below is a video of the album's first single, "Do Everything." It's classic Chapman, and for that I am grateful.


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