Entry: Asking the Better Questions Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I I can no longer recall the route that I took that led me to the writings of Seth Godin. Iím sure it was something that happened while following the links on Amazon.com. Godin has a background in marketing and has written a number of short, to-the-point books about contemporary culture and the shift from mass marketing to niche marketing. It wasnít until I had read a couple of his books that I discovered (through a friendís Facebook page, no less) that Godin had a blog.

I used that first entry from that one profile page in a department meeting a few weeks ago. The article, ďOpen Conversations (or close them),Ē talked about the different between building rapport and shutting communication down. Itís much easier, as his examples show, to shut conversation down. I think this works on a number of levels: teacher/student, teacher/class, God/person, between family members, etc. And itís something so simple that we totally take the art of opening conversations for granted.

You can check out the article here.


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